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5 Secrets from Professional Closet Organizers You Should Know

If you have a messy closet and find yourself digging through boxes or tossing items off shelves just to find the pieces you want to wear that day, then you need an organizational overhaul. Organizing your closet will ensure that everything has a proper place and that you can always find what you need, when you need it. The following are 5 secrets from professional closet organizers that anyone who wants their wardrobe closet overhauled should definitely know.

Tip #1: Arrange items by how frequently you use them
The first thing you want to do is consider which items in your closet that you use the most—and which you use the least. The clothes and fashion accessories that you use the most need to be in the front area of the closet, and need to be the most accessible. Conversely, items that you don’t use that much (such as a thick winter scarf you only wear 2 months out of the year) need to be placed towards the back of the closet since you will only need them on occasion.

Tip #2: Categorize clothes by type or group
Once you have clothes and fashion accessories organized by frequency of use, it’s time to categorize them by type or group. For instance, skirts should go with skirts, shoes with shoes, belts with belts, and so on. This will keep everything in an easy-to-remember location and will help reduce the look of clutter that tends to come with closets where clothes aren’t stored together.

Tip #3: Use matching hangers, boxes and other containers
If you have the budget for it, spend some money on matching hangers, boxes, storage containers and anything else you will be using in your closet. Matching pieces will help your closet space look organized, clutter-free and much more appealing.

Tip #4: Utilize door space and other hanging space
If you have lots of accessories—such as necklaces and other jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, etc.—then you may not have room for them in traditional containers that sit on a shelf. However, you’re in luck: you can utilize the door space and other hanging space to make room for your other fashion accessories in your closet. Simply purchase an over-the-door organizer which will allow you to store pieces without taking up any floor space.

Tip #5: Tidy up your closet every evening
If you want your fashion closet to stay organized, you need to make sure that it stays tidy. It can be easy to let a closet go uncleaned for weeks or months, but in that time, the mess grows bigger and harder to manage. To prevent this, you need to clean every day. Start making it a habit to tidy up your closet every evening; this means putting everything back where it belongs, straightening up anything that has gotten moved around, folding clothes, and so on.
With the above 5 great tips from professional closet organizers in mind, your fashion closet will start looking organized in no time at all!

April 15, 2020 by Jules Fletcher