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6 Fashions Rules You Should Break

“Don’t wear white after labor day.” “Never mix brown and black.” These are just two of the most common fashion rules that people hear starting from an early age. But are fashion rules really meant to be followed? Some rules are outdated or no longer serve any purpose, so let’s take a closer look at fashion rules that you should definitely feel free to break.

Rule to Break #1: No White After Labor Day
This myth is so outdated that it should be in a museum! It is perfectly fine to wear white all year round! In fact, shades of white can make great additions to your fall and winter accessories; an ivory colored wool coat will make a striking statement during the winter, for instance.

Rule to Break #2: Don’t Mix Prints
This old rule was likely a reaction to some of the wild print-mixed that popped up in the mid-90s, but it’s now cycled back out of style—and mixing prints is back in fashion! Mixing prints is especially popular with street fashion, where looks can be a bit wilder than they would for outfits you wear to, say, the office.

Rule to Break #3: Avoid Long Skirts (Unless You’re Tall)
Long skirts and dresses shouldn’t be limited to taller women! If you’re short, feel free to wear skirts, dresses (or even pants) with a longer hem. The key is to have the outfits tailored so that they fall at just the right spot, rather than dragging on the ground; you’ll also want to make sure the way the rest of the piece fits is flattering, especially for pants.

Rule to Break #4: Don’t Wear Socks/Nylons with Open Toed Shoes
Okay, we’re not advocating that you should be wearing thick old school socks with flip-flops… but you can absolutely break this rule if break it the right way. Pairing some thin, classy stocks or stockings with open toed shoes can great a beautiful, chic or simply striking look. For instance, pairing solid black nylons with a bright silver open-toed shoe or wearing thin white stockings with an open-toed black shoe can create a stylish result.

Rule to Break #5: Always Take Off One Accessory Before You Leave the House
There is nothing wrong with having lots of accessories, as long as you 1) make sure that they work well with your outfit and 2) want to wear them! There’s nothing wrong with limiting accessories, either—just don’t feel obligated to remove something or not wear double necklaces, bracelets and an earring all at once just because of an outdated fashion rule.

Rule to Break #6: Match Your Bag and Shoes
Your bag or purse is just as much of an accessory as a necklace or headband—and you don’t match those to your shoes, do you? Matching your bag and shoes is an old rule that needs to be left to the side. Colorful and unique bags can make a great addition to your outfit and they certainly don’t need to match your shoes!

Remember, fashion should be fun, comfortable and enjoyable! So feel free to break these rules and make a fashion statement all your own.

March 29, 2020 by Jules Fletcher