7 Summer Wardrobe Essentials You Should Have In Your Closet

7 Summer Wardrobe Essentials You Should Have In Your Closet

Summer is just around the corner! Summer is a time when you can break out the lighter clothes, lighter colors and all of those great summer pieces that you’ve been stashing in your closet since the winter sales. If you want to make the most out of your summer wardrobe this year, make sure that you have the following 7 summer wardrobe essentials that must be in your closet.

Tote Bag
You won't be able to stuff all your summer essentials into a plain purse, but you can definitely fit them in a chic tote bag! A chic tote bag (or "carryall" tote) is perfect for holding your phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, e-reader or paperback, and an extra pair of sandals for hitting the beach.

White Shirt
A white shirt is simple, plain--and perfect for summer mixing and matching. You can so much with a simple white t-shirt, including: matching it with a patterned skirt or pants; wearing it underneath a sleeveless top of a layered look; pairing it with a jacket; and topping it with accessories like jewelry, scarfs, and so on.

Midi Skirt
A midi skirt is perfect for the summertime because it can be paired with anything and it offers a light, flowing style that will keep you cool during the hotter days of the summer. Midi skirts come in all shapes, colors and various materials, so you can definitely find at least one that matches your style. For the most versatility, look for a skirt with solid colors and a textured material or a skirt with a subtle print, such as gingham.

T-Shirt Dress
A t-shirt dress is a dress with a t-shirt style top; t-shirt dresses usually have a solid line shape, though some may have a slightly flared skirt. One of the great things about having a t-shirt dress in your summer wardrobe is that (as with a regular shirt!) you can pair it with just about anything to create a truly unique look. Adding a belt, scarf, colorful leggings and other accessories will really give your t-shirt dress a fresh shine.

Ballet Flats
Ballet flats are a quintessential summer shoe! Ballet flats are more comfortable to wear than heels and they can be paired with everything from a chic work outfit to a beach-ready swimsuit to a backyard BBQ dress and everything in between.

Belts are one of the quintessential summer wardrobe accessories! Belts will let you change up the look of any outfit, though they are especially useful with dresses as they can add more definition and shape. Make sure you have at least one belt, though multiple belts in a few different colors is ideal. You can also get different belt styles, such as wide and thick, thin, rope-style, and so on.

Summer Straw Hat
A straw summer hat is something no summer wardrobe should miss out on! A summer hat can transform your look from “casual” to “summer ready” in an instant.
If you are planning your summer wardrobe, don’t forget the above summer wardrobe essentials!

March 31, 2020 by Jules Fletcher